The Choreographers Notes:

I started developing this work since April 2018, till now, there work has several different versions:

  • May 2018 —Version 1: supported by Yangtze Repertory Theater of America

  • June 2018: shown at Tribeca Art and Culture Night as part of River to River festival at LMCC

  • March 2019 —version 3 Chapter 1: Shown at New Work Series by Emerging Artists Theater

  • June 2019 — Version 3 chapter 2: Fielday at The Field

  • July 2019 — Chapter 2 showed at Fresh Track Audition at NYLA

  • The work got generous support from Arthur Aviles and BAAD! and I am currently developing it in their space.

  • I am looking for more organizations’ support to make and show this work


Current work description:

“I’m making this dance that is a reflection of my life. It is a poem to myself and for myself, a re-experience of paradoxical moments - some thrilling, some beautiful, some quietly painful and so many confusing - in my relationship to this city and to my dreams. Through metaphor and shadow play I can transform my perception and re-imagine my life. The story I’m making is to share with anyone who has dreams tethered to this city. Wrapped up together - the city, me and my desires - we are tangled, spinning, stopping, waiting and transforming. Using Jenga game pieces, shadows and light, tape and a rolling suitcase, I manifest a world of transient aspirations and defeats.

Stories of the work here


Chapter One:

Created in March 2019.

Chapter Two:

Created in July 2019