The Choreographers Notes:

I started developing this work since April 2018, till now, there work has several different versions:

  • May 2018 —Version 1: supported by Yangtze Repertory Theater of America

  • June 2018: shown at Tribeca Art and Culture Night as part of River to River festival at LMCC

  • March 2019 —version 3 Chapter 1: Shown at New Work Series by Emerging Artists Theater

  • June 2019 — Version 3 chapter 2: Fielday at The Field


Current work description:

“The Tangible Hallucination of Rourou in the Day-Time” is a solo performance that combines Object Theatre and dance to create a movement narrative of perseverance and loneliness within a bizarre world of my own making. Using Jenga pieces, as construction materials, puppets and partners, I explore the sculptural and choreographic structures I create as metaphor for my perception and life - finding tragic humor in the endless return of frustration, failure and endeavor. Sourcing abstract movement, I mine for deeper contextual significance to create a landscape of both object and action that builds unexpected combinations of real and imagined life, layered meanings, and relationships both absurd and poignant.


Version 3 Chapter 1: