Artist Bio

Rourou Ye is a NYC based female choreographer, dancer and artist from Shanghai, China. She practiced Chinese Dance for 15 years before she began concentrating on contemporary art and choreography. She was the exclusive choreographer for Musical Theater productions in Shanghai Conservatory of Music from 2012 to 2015. In 2017, she completed her MFA degree in Dance at Sarah Lawrence College. Her mentor, Kathy Westwater, commented that "the scale of her project, and her unwavering rigor throughout toward honing the voice of the individual artist, the individual woman, is almost without parallel in the recent history of the dance program”. Rou is strongly inspired by visual images, and her filmic sensibility is a highlight in her choreographic approach. Her earlier works deeply examine her own somatic, psychological and emotional experiences in response to the content of her dance. Now, her choreography focuses on the subject of feminism, which includes exploring female sexuality, individual identity, and disordered psychology in the capitalized, commodified, patriarchal society. Moreover, she utilizes multi-media to expand the possibilities of expression in her works. Her Dancefilms have been selected for various film festivals and her works have been performed in New York, Japan, China, Hongkong, Singapore, etc.