旅美舞蹈艺术家,舞蹈硕士,编舞,舞蹈教育者。专注于当代艺术和当代编舞。2012年毕业于上海戏剧学院舞蹈编导系,之后三年与上海音乐学院音乐戏剧系合作为多部音乐剧编舞。2015年移居纽约,2017年获得莎拉劳伦斯学院(Sarah Lawrence College)舞蹈硕士学位。2018年获美国杰出人才签证,现常驻于纽约及上海。编舞作品被纽约时报入选为周末10个最值得看的舞蹈作品之一。签约纽约最大舞蹈教学中心之一Gibney教学艺术家。莎拉劳伦斯学院 (Sarah Lawrence College) 戏剧系合作编舞家。作品曾获纽约曼哈顿文化委员会,纽约州艺术委员会,以及纽约市文化局的财政支持。她擅长舞蹈电影,舞蹈剧场,表演艺术, 肢体剧场,音乐剧的创作,以及肢体教学,思维开发和编舞及作品集的考前指导。

Born and raised in China, Rourou Ye is a female choreographer, dancer and filmmaker. She practiced Chinese Dance for 15 years before she began concentrating on contemporary art and choreography. She seeks to deeply examine the human experience through her work and sees the process of creating art as a way to grow and more fully understand life. Rourou received her BFA in Choreography at Shanghai Theater Academy in 2012, and worked as a choreographer and dance instructor for musical productions at Shanghai Conservatory of Music from 2012-2015. After completed her MFA in Dance at Sarah Lawrence College in 2017, she relocated her career to New York City. Her mentor, Kathy Westwater, commented "the scale of her project, and her unwavering rigor throughout toward honing the voice of the individual artist, the individual woman, is almost without parallel in the recent history of the dance program.” Rou is strongly inspired by visual images, and her filmic sensibility is highlighted in her choreographic approach. Her earlier works deeply examine her own somatic, psychological and emotional experiences in response to the content of her dance. Now, her choreography focuses on the subject of feminism, which includes exploring female sexuality, individual identity, and disordered psychology in the capitalized, commoditized, patriarchal society. Ultimately, her goal is to create works that provide her audience with new perspectives on life that are not regular and mundane. Rou approaches her creative processes through intellectual, question-generating, problem-solving, and behavior-discovering processes. Her current art projects besides choreography include dance film, theater, performing art, video editing and projection design. She enjoy incorporating other art mediums into her work to enrich her dance expressions as she seeks to change the way of viewing live performances. Most recently Rourou was selected as an artist in residence for Work Up 4.0 at Gibney Dance Center. Her work has been shown at Dixon Place, Gibney Dance, Sarah Lawrence College, Hudson River Museum, Murmur Gallery, China Dance Forward (Hong Kong), Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Beijing Dance Festival, and Minsheng Art Museum.