Phantom Duet



Conceived & Choreographed & Performed by Rourou Ye

Projection & Lighting & Video designed by Rourou Ye

Videoed by: Silu Hu

Music Credits: 

Cosey Fanni Tutti, Tzusing, Arca




Work Description

Phantom Duet uses video and handheld flashlight to address the fallout of my experience with objectification and fetishization after relocating to the US from China. The work dances through multiple gazes on the self: the shadow cast by the handheld flashlight on my body, the images of myself projected on video, and my dancing body itself. The imagery is alternatingly dark and bright, with mood fluctuating from seduction to contentment, lust to sorrow, pain to healing. In performance, I attempt to implicitly empathize with members of the audience who may have similar lived experience.


Special Thanks:

The work was selected to Workup 4.0, an artist performance & residency program that supported by Gibney Dance Center.

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Past Showing

4/6/2019 @ Center of Performance Research (Version 5) 

3/24/2018 @BAAD!ASS Women Festival (Version 4)

3/10/2018 8pm  Workup 4.2 @ Gibney Dance (Version 3)

3/9/2018 8pm Workup 4.2 @ Gibney Dance (Version 3)

6/27/2017 8pm Crossing Boundary @Dixon Place (Version 1)




Version 5 at Spring Movement Festival

— Center for Performance Research

Version 3 at Workup 4.0 —Gibney

Version 4 - BAADass Female Festival — BAAD!