Mr. Hyung Seok

旅美韩国跨界戏剧艺术家。他同时也是杰出的摄像师,摄影师以及电影编辑师。2014年,Jeon的电影作品,包括他的短片“秋天”(2014),被艺术总监罗伯特威尔逊安装在在第21届Watermille Center的年度福利中。 2016年,他在大卫·诺伊曼执导的舞蹈木偶剧“艰难坚韧(Redux:Steve)”中当然重要角色。 2017年10月,他在Dixon Place的Puppet Blok 2017中创作并演出了“How a River Carries You”。 2018年1月,他创作并表演了一小时长的solo作品“A Held Posture”,这是一种关于沉入深水感觉的世代损失的冥想。他的四场演出完全售罄。他的作品以自我,缓慢和自我反思为中心,通常以舞台上的戏剧和视觉语汇去表达。他是2015年富布赖特研究生奖学金的获得者。他于2017年毕业于莎拉劳伦斯学院,获得硕士学位。

Hyung Seok is a South Korean multi-disciplinary theatre artist based in NYC. He also works as a videographer, photographer and film-editor. 

In 2014, Jeon’s video work, including his short film 'Autumn' (2014), was installed by the artistic director Robert Wilson at the 21st Watermill Center Annual Benefit. In 2016, he performed in a dance puppetry piece, ‘Tough the Tough (Redux: Steve)’, directed by David Neumann. In October 2017, he created and performed in ‘How a River Carries You’ as a part of Puppet Blok 2017 at Dixon Place. January 2018, he created and performed an hour long solo piece ‘A Held Posture’, a meditation on generational loss in relation to sensation of sinking into deep water. It was performed at Theatre Lab with four fully sold out performances.

His work often centers on selfhood, slowness, and self-reflection through formal experiments with theatrical and visual language on stage. He is a recipient of 2015 Fulbright graduate study award. He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2017 with MFA in Theatre degree.