Mr. Feng

现生活于北京,专注于当代艺术的创作工艺与理论实践。2015年毕业于中国美术学院公共艺术系后,他以城市雕塑艺术家身份在中国不同城市立起其标志性公共雕塑。2018年从英国皇家艺术学院(Royal college of art)获得硕士学位后,他以驻地艺术家的身份活跃于英国、巴拿马、澳洲等国家。在就学期间,他曾担任实习老师的职位,授课与伦敦艺术大学UAL和布莱顿大学(University of Brighton),并且实习于英国皇家雕塑协会(Royal British Society of Sculptors)。他的作品多次参加英国与欧洲的画廊等艺术机构的展览,于2018年入围Kenneth Armitage Foundation Awards,并曾被《диалогискусств》,《Aesthetica Magazine》,《Artspringboard》等艺术期刊与媒体报导。他擅长以学生的个人背景为基础,帮助其寻找自己作品在艺术史中的定位,引导每一位学生都能探索出属于其个人的创作线索与脉络。


Zhixuan is a Chinese sculptor based in China and the UK. He received his BA from the China Academy of Art in 2015 and MA from the Sculpture department at the Royal College of Art. 

Grounded in socialistic public art, he devise an algorithm that processes the fundamentals of art making through a series of Chinese and non-Chinese art-world valorisations. What he calls ‘bluffing structures’ are wry and well observed; asking questions of artistic strategies of authentication. In this process he uses his own fictional tales as the primary vehicle for critical engagement with and expression of his “Incorresponding Aesthetics”. Which is a newly constructed authentic based on this algorithm. 

Woven into this quite strategic and cynical generative process, there is a fine sensitivity for structure, for finding culturally resonant metaphors, and discovering techniques of making that are intuitive, pleasurable and inventive