About The Artist


My name is Rourou Ye. I am a New York City based multi-disciplinary dance artist whose career spans between China and New York City, incorporating choreographic investigation, theatrical dance content, dance for camera, and student mentorship. Born in southeastern China in late 80’s, I trained professionally for over 15 years in Chinese dance forms (Chinese Classical Dance, Chinese Folk Dance, Chinese Opera, and some Kung Fu and Tai Chi elements) before I graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy with a BFA in Choreography. The most prominent work I had done in China was working with Musical Theater Department at Shanghai Conservatory of Music (first music institution of higher education in China) from 2012-2015, where I taught over 100 of music majors and (re)choreographed multiple Broadway and original musicals. After my relocation to the USA in 2015 for my MFA in dance study at Sarah Lawrence College, I has closely worked with dance and theater artists such as Sara Rudner, John Jasperse, Jodi Melnick, Dan Hurlin, Peggy Gould, Kathy Westwater, and Ernest Abuba.


Relocating to the USA has been an exciting, lonely adventure - moving away from family and cultural values where obeying is fundamental.  Dancing is a basic necessity for me - inextricably linked to living. It’s my only sanctuary to embrace vulnerability. When I feel pain, I go into the studio - uncovering stories of sadness and staying open to the unknown. The work is a way to reveal my inner world, understand humanity and connect.

I’m influenced by contemporary American dance - particularly the focus on subtle intention in movement.  I’m also inspired by storytelling traditions like European dance theater, object theatre and film. I compose images using light and shadow - dancing inside of these surreal constructions as moving imagination.  I transform images - one to another - dancing a narrative through them. As I improvise, I realize how I connect to - or disconnect from these images and why they resonate with me. By shifting my perspective and perception, I find new understandings. I’m currently investigating my break from deep-seated expectations - my loneliness as artist and immigrant.


My choreographic works have been shown at The Field, GIBNEY, Center for Performance Research, Dixon Place, BAAD!, LMCC, Hudson River Museum, Yangtze Repertory Theater of America, Chinese Dance Forward in Hong Kong, Shanghai International Dance Festival, Beijing Dance Festival, Seoul International Choreography Competition among others. She was also a participant in LANDING 2.0 led by Miguel Gutierrez and was hired twice as the movement director for Sarah Lawrence College’s theater production. Rourou has won numerous award nationally in Chinese folk dance performance and has performed in Japan, Singapore and Thailand as a culture exchange ambassador.


In 2018 I founded One Space Arts, a program with the mission of deepening the artistic dialogue between Chinese and American cultures. Through various programs of study and immersion, I seek to offer students a rich and comprehensive multicultural experience.