photo by Mark M. Sugino &Ian Douglas

Ms. Wilson

Alaina Wilson是舞蹈编导,表演者和视觉艺术家,受过古典芭蕾,现代和当代舞蹈的训练。她于2018年在莎拉劳伦斯学院获得舞蹈硕士学位。在她的研究生和本科学习期间,她有幸与尊贵的艺术家合作,如John Jasperse,Jodi Melnick,Sara Rudner,Kathy Westwater,Peggy Gould,John Meehan, Steve Rooks和Kathy Wildberger。作为一名表演者,除了她自己的舞蹈编排外,她还在Merce Cunningham(由Holley Farmer重新演绎),Lacina Coulibaly,SeánCurran(由Evan Copeland上演),Stephen Petronio,Zvi Gotheiner,John Meehan,Steve Rooks,和Kathy Wildberger并与Grant Jacoby和舞者以及Burklyn芭蕾舞剧院合作演出。她于2015年开始编舞,并在纽约的许多剧院表演过,如纽约布鲁克林的演员基金艺术中心,纽约皇后区的绿地中心,纽约州约翰逊的伯克林芭蕾舞剧院,巴德学院,莎拉劳伦斯学院,纽约州波基普西市的Bardavon歌剧院和瓦萨学院。

Alaina Wilson is a New York based choreographer, performer, and visual artist trained in classical ballet, modern, and contemporary dance. She began her dance training at an early age with the Augusta Ballet School in Augusta, GA and, upon moving to New Hampshire, continued training with the Southern New Hampshire Youth Ballet as well as working with Sharon Randolph and Jennifer Howard while attending St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH.

Graduating with honors, Wilson received a BA from Vassar College. She majored in Greek and Roman Studies with a minor in Art History and completed a thesis on the legacy of Ancient Greek dance within contemporary performance. Throughout her time at Vassar, Wilson contributed to the Vassar Repertory Dance Theater as both a performer and choreographer. She received her MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College in 2018. During her graduate and undergraduate studies, she has had the pleasure of working with distinguished artists such as John Jasperse, Jodi Melnick, Sara Rudner, Kathy Westwater, Peggy Gould, John Meehan, Steve Rooks, and Kathy Wildberger.

As a performer, in addition to her own choreography, she has danced in works by Merce Cunningham (restaged by Holley Farmer), Lacina Coulibaly, Seán Curran (staged by Evan Copeland), Stephen Petronio, Zvi Gotheiner, John Meehan, Steve Rooks, and Kathy Wildberger and has performed with Grant Jacoby and Dancers and the Burklyn Ballet Theater.

She began choreographing in 2015 and has presented work at the Access Theater in New York, NY, the Actors Fund Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY, Green Space in Queens, NY, the Burklyn Ballet Theater in Johnson, VT, Bard College, Sarah Lawrence College, the Bardavon Opera House in Poughkeepsie, NY, and Vassar College.

Wilson currently is on staff as an instructor at the Bronxville Ballet School in Bronxville, NY.