8th-A Door Project (Dancefilm)



A Short Description:

An exploration of the themes of loneliness,

cultural identification,

and urban versus pastoral tranquility.

As the film unfolds we initially see doors as futile gateways,

but eventually these doors open to reveal another world.




Director/Editor/Dancer:Rourou Ye

Cinematographer:Hyung Seok Jeon/

Marshall Henry/ Donald Henry

Music:Sigur Ros

Date of creation: September 2017




Venue: Murmur Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Date:9/15/2017 & 9/16/2017 7pm


More Info:




About the Project:

It's a propositional project for the exhibition of "Doors can dance" that curated by Nadya Zeitlin in Atlanta,GA.

When I got Nadya's invitation, I started to think about what's the door about? To my life?

I have an idea of a little door.

A little door that I can hold on to, a little one that I can bring to travel with.

I can see the world through my door.


I am in and out of the door, I put my door at difference spaces. Where is my little world?

As an international artist who lives in New York City, the door is a metaphor of the state of pursuing my dream.

It's the metaphor of lost, of trying, of waiting, of striving...

I hope one day I can find a place for my door to settle.

Yet maybe, the most exciting part is the unknown, is the process of the adventure, is the unsettledness?

I can't never tell... at lease, for now.